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Use of our web site

You do not have to give us any personal information to use most of the information on this site but to take advantage of the more tailored services we offer from time to time, we may require personal information.

Data Protection Act 1998
We are registered under the Data Protection Act 1998 and comply with its requirements.

We use personal information for the following purposes only:

? to provide our courier services

? to tell you about our services

? to enable us to review the effectiveness of our web site and other marketing initiatives

? to provide other information or services to which you consent in advance

? for administration purposes

? to track and determine the identity of individuals attempting access to restricted parts of the site without authority.

Cookies & IP Addresses
This web site uses session variables which are a type of cookie to record what pages our visitors view.

We may in future use cookies (a piece of data that your computer holds that enables us to uniquely identify you when you visit our site) on secured parts of the site.

Cookies enable you to use & store passwords needed for the site and to tailor your experience of our web site to your interests. You can disable automatic acceptance of cookies by adjusting your browser and you do not need to accept any cookies from us to use the unsecured areas of this web site. The cookies are deactivated when you logout of secured web site areas or take no action on the browser session for more than 30 minutes.

We use IP addresses to perform various tasks to administer and measure the effectiveness of this website and the suitability for our audience.

No sharing information
We never pass on your personal information to third parties, except when required to do so by law.

Linked sites
If you follow links to other websites from this website we do not control those sites and are not responsible for the use of your data by those site owners.

Changes to this policy
We will post any changes to this policy on our website. Those changes will then apply to any future use by you of our website.

Amending or Deleting Personal Information
You can ask us to amend any information we hold on you or remove you from any service by stating your name and email address you registered with us and specifying the alteration required.

? The contents of this web site are intended to be informative and interesting but by their very nature are general. You are advised to seek independent advice on any problem you may have as we will not accept responsibility for any loss arising from reliance on anything set out on the site, even errors or omissions.

? Grand Express Delivery Limited accept no responsibility for the information contained in pages prepared by third parties where they are clearly acknowledged as being by someone other than Grand Express Delivery Limited.

? Grand Express Delivery Limited accept no responsibility for information contained on linked sites and for any reliance that may be placed upon their contents.

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